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Core Services and Features

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Local and Intl Calls

We have slashed the cost of international calling! Save money on all your international calls with our high quality international call service. Competitive rates for landline and mobile calls

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Sip Trunking

Our SIP Trunking system allows you to connect your Switch or IP-PBX to our network to leverage our industry leading international cheap rates, our low rate termination route and our vast origination networks.

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Get a DID (Phone number)

Maintain global presence, Get a personal phone number that allows you to make and recieve incoming calls without a Simcard. Caller ID is fully supported.

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Send SMS

SMS Sender ID: Send Texts From Your Company Name or Phone number. With dynamic SMS sender ID you can display your company name or phone number as the sender of a text.

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2-Way SMS Solutions

What is two way SMS text messaging? Two way SMS is where you can both send and receive a text message on a virtual DID phone number that we offer. Perfect to keep as a seond number

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Resell Our Services

Become a reseller, Offer our services regionally at a discounted rate. Hundreds of thousands people use PTTJapan services through, PC, and Smartphones, while some pay via credit card. But a huge amount of users don't have credit card - this is the opportunity for you. You can make an income by introducing and selling PTTJapan credit in your area even from your home without leaving your existing job or study!