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Call Mobiles and Landlines

We offer you the best platform to call mobile and landline globally and with quality voice you can get connected fast! With low local and international calling rates, and no peak times, you can talk to those who matter most, whenever you want.

Get affordable international calling to mobiles and landlines anytime, day or night. It is amazing how little it costs to call people using our service. All you need is your smartphone or laptop computer and our application and start talking.


Business Solution

Our deep portfolio of telecommunications business solutions addresse a range of customer needs, including Voice termination, PBX or a customized calling plans for private and coporate entitles .

Do you consume a large amount of call minutes and looking to further reduce your calls budget? Contact our customer support representative via our contact page and discuss your large volume with us for a special discounted package today.



Our services can be used through any SIP enabled system or software. Make and receive calls directly from your PC or through our free Mobile apps from the comfort of your Smartphone. You can experience a great savings. We are also compactible with any of the open source softphone such as, zoiper, xlite etc


24/7 Network uptime

Have you ever been disppointed with your favorite serive provider, only to find out that it was down? If so, you surely understand the importance of network uptime. Not anymore - Make that switch now and enjoy better connectivity with with PTTJapan, powered by high technology at its best

Over 140 Countries - Flexibility - Reliable & Affordable

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The days of long telephone bills resulting from expensive international calls are over, One Philosophy - Quality and Cheap

Save your self up to 80% on all international phone calls today. Enjoy all services under one account. We offer the most attractive prices on the market with no hidden payments, as well as connection fees.

We terminate millions of minutes per month and work with the largest VoIP operators directly. We try to provide the best routes with the great price-quality ratio. You can make a call via SIP or by using one of the calling apps.

Call the world, your family and friends

No matter your location, you can be sure to beat cost using our calling services