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Q  Is this service available to resident of Japan only?

No,  Pc2phone, Mobile2phoine and IP telephony can be used anywhere in the world

Q  How do I get an account

A   You may request us to create an account for you by giving us a call, or creat one online at ease  here:

Q   What is the billing system?

A    All calls are rounded up to a minute and there is no hidden fee or connection charges

Q    Where on earth are you located?

A    We are located in Japan, providing International calling services globally

Q   Can I make local calls with your service? 

A    Yes, You can call both domestic and international destinations.

Q    Iam behind firewalls at work, school and mayb my network is filtered, can I still use your service therein?

A    Contact us for alternative softphone and will do our best effort.

Q    I want to be your local reseller to provide your services to my customers, what must I do?

A    Just give us a call. We offer entrepreneurs and individuals an excellent opportunity for additional income stream. Some of our products and services are designed to provide attractive commission and regular monthly income. At Prime Time Telecoms, we believe in encouraging and helping budding entrepreneurs and those who already run their own voip operations to further build their business

Q    I am very busy, and do not have time to top up my calling account always, do you have any plan for me?

A    Yes, can set up a recurring billing for you. Contact us to get started

If you have any question that is not covered here, please contact us by e-mail or using the contact us form on our website