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We offer entrepreneurs and individuals an excellent opportunity for additional income stream..

Let us customize a Voip solution for you to deploy virtually in any country.


  • Call Back Services
  • Calling Cards
  • PC-2-PHONE
  • Mobile Voip

      Optimized Discounted Direct Routes, Maximize your profits and stay competitive in today's market with our Wholesale Termination solutions. We offer our service to carriers, small businesses, callshops, resellers and other VOIP service providers.
Have you been paying so much for voice wholesale and d connectivity to your switch or Reseller's Portal? The Prime Time Telecoms Direct routes and A-Z Premium platform is a robust plan that delivers unmatched quality that you need to excel in the telecoms business.

Starting with us is fast and simple. Contact us via online chat or send an email to: info@primetimetelecoms.jp We will contact you within 24 hours to show you how you can benefit from the cheapest wholesale termination rates around. view rates
Reseller/Private label ?

Whether you’ve been in the field for years or are just getting started, our Private Label Reseller Program is straightforward and easy to understand. We provide you with some of the most powerful tools in the industry to manage your customer base, service you can depend on, and unmatched customer support when you need it.


  • Account Portal - Create and manage your entire customer base in real-time through our powerful online interface.
  • Software   -  Our PC-2-Phone, Mobile dialers works in all countries including Voip restricted nations

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