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Cheap pc to phone calls using Skype software!

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              You have asked for options to save on int'l calls
Indonesia,Jakarta           1,020 Mins
Indonesia,Surabaya        1,020 Mins
Indonesia Landline            500  Mins
Indonesia,Mobile               700  Mins
Nothing to download, no lengthy registration, make cheap calls with your existing SKYPE software.  Just call or chat with us for a FREE {PIN} We can also assign a Tokyo 03 if you would like to use same PIN for both through skype and Mobile/Landline.
Card does not expire. No hidden and connection fees
Add our skype ID: primetimetelecoms.jp to your skype contact list or simply click "Add me to skype" below to speed up the process.
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Once you have added us to your skype contact list, make a Free skype to skype call to it.
You will hear a prompt to enter your card number {PIN}
Depending on the version of skype you are using, a key pad will pop up when asked to enter your card number. In newer version of skype you may have to click on a square with white dots to enable the key pad as below:
Enter your PTT card number {PIN} followed by #
Enter your destination number : 00628312345669 follow by #
You will be connected with an unbelievable voice quality at a PTT cheaper rate.
Enjoy, internet cheap calls, pc to phone calls, best and low rate calls to Indonesia
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Deposit 2,000 Yen to our Bank account and get a Unique PIN.

17200 - 11444381

Tel: 08039621795  {softbank}

You can also purchase PINs From Agents and Resellers near your area

PETROK:  08034187754